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From a simple electrical maintenance and service call to a portfolio project rollout, Action Services Group has the capability, Project Management Team, and electrician database to handle all of your electrical service needs. We have electricians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to service all your interior and exterior electrical needs.

On-Demand, both interior, and exterior, service, and electrical upgrades are available within 72 hours of your service request, but in an emergency, an electrician will be at your facility within 4 hours.

Our electricians are available for fire marshal, emergency exit, and emergency lighting violations as well as providing installation services for switchgear, transformers, emergency power, and energy management systems. Troubleshooting for electrical systems, maintenance service for breakers and fuses, circuit extensions and additions, power outlets, power surge suppressors and lighting controls.

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What to Look For In An Electrical Service Contractor 

When thinking about taking on an electrical service provider for your organization, one key element is finding a single source company that has the resources to handle the many aspects of the services. The question becomes what should you be looking for when evaluating a potential partner? Below we’ll look at the attributes that a competent and efficient electrical service provider will have.

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Tailored Electrical Solutions

We understand electrical problems facing organizations today, and the decisions in front of you can seem endless. But your electrical problems have solutions; no situation is the same, that is why all of our solutions are tailored to the customer.

The Challenge: A national bagel and coffee chain required both interior electrical maintenance and project management expertise. They were installing new ovens in 320 locations and needed to coordinate an electrical upgrade in conjunction with the oven delivery.

The Solution: Action Services Group’s Service Team implemented an on-demand electrical program. The Project Management Team coordinated and managed electricians to upgrade the outlets prior to the ovens being installed. The

Results: A 4 hour to 72 hours on-demand service program and a 99% on-time electrical upgrade for 320 locations in 23 states.

The Challenge: A regional convenience store required specific expertise and project management for a lighting control installation project to manage their exterior signage and lighting across 1,000+ store locations.

The Solution: An extensive network of experienced electrician able to ramp up an accelerated three-month completion schedule.

The Results: Action Services Group provided a complete turnkey implementation, managing the equipment purchase, scheduling and equipment installation and warranty servicing.

The Challenge: A Mid-Atlantic supermarket chain wanted to upgrade their ECM (Electronic Control Module) motors for their frozen food displays. They targeted a 24-month ROI and wanted to maximize their utility rebate opportunities.

The Solution: Action Services Group Project Management team recommended an ECM motor product with a projected 20-month ROI which also maximized their rebate opportunities.

The Result: We provided a total turnkey project for a complete ECM retrofit that included providing the product, after-hour installation and managing the rebate process. This project resulted in a 9-month ROI (after rebate), a 73% reduction in energy consumption with the customer receiving an average of $16,600 in rebate money per location.


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