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Freestanding Mobile Partitions & Room Dividers

Freestanding Mobile Partitions & Room Dividers

We understand that this is a trying time, and selecting the Workplace Safety products that will best suit your needs can be difficult. As a leader in workplace safety products, the expert here at Action Services Group have the experience and knowledge needed to help and guide you in selecting the products that will offer the best safety features for your business or facility.

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Mobile Partitions & Room Dividers for Any Location

Our freestanding mobile partitions and room dividers are the ideal solution for creating safe spaces between people in close quarters. We offer both plexiglass and PVC mobile partitions in a variety of sizes with customization available. No matter your economic need, we have a solution to fit both your budget and space requirements.

Our freestanding mobile partitions and room dividers can be used in a wide variety of settings, including salons, service establishments, waiting rooms, offices, banks, restaurants, and more. Whether you select our Plexiglass or PVC room dividers they are easy to install, easy to disassemble, and easy to move.  Order your freestanding mobile partitions and room divider today!

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Available Mobile Partitions & Room Dividers

Freestanding Plexiglass Mobile Partition

This easily placed freestanding mobile partition is made of clear plexiglass/acrylic and can be moved to any location. Designed with a bar in the center to help visibility and produced in the USA from high-quality materials.

  • Freestanding plexiglass room divider comes with casters
  • Much heavier than other barriers
  • Available Sizes with Customization Available
    • 24″W x 72″H
    • 36″W x 72″H
    • 48″W x 72″H
    • 60″W x 72″H
    • 72″W x 72″H

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Freestanding Plexiglass Mobile Partition

Freestanding PVC Mobile Partition

Easily place and move this freestanding mobile PVC partition to accommodate additional guests, open up spaces, and provide truly flexible personal space separation.

All freestanding PVC room dividers are easy to assemble, can be moved anywhere, and come with all hardware.

Also, see Hanging PVC Social Distancing Barriers.

Made of clear PVC, Customization Available.

  • 6’W x 8’H
  • 6’W x 6″H
  • 5’w x 5’H

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Freestanding PVC Mobile Partition

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