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Getting Started with LED Indoor Lighting

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LEDs have long been a favorite for indoor lighting applications. Firstly, they started in small hard to reach spaces not necessarily suited to larger, more conventional lighting solutions like compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. For example, LED’s for larger applications like a ceiling or wall-mounted area lighting came much later. Secondly, for a while, LEDs were not powerful enough, or cost-effective, in comparison to conventional solutions when it came to illuminating an entire room. However, this has all changing. Subsequently, LEDs have become the go-to solution for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Most importantly, for both residential and commercial properties alike.

In Getting Started with LED Indoor Lighting eBook, you will learn;

  • LED interior lighting applications
    • Ceiling lighting
    • Recessed lighting
    • Troffer lighting
    • Fluorescent lighting
  • Arranging your indoor lighting
  • Suggestions for your high bay lighting
  • Planning your LED lighting
    • Wall lighting
    • Accent lighting
    • Task lighting
    • Utility lighting

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