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When considering an LED Retrofit for your lighting solution, three performance factors need to be examined: energy savings, lighting performance, and maintenance. At Action Services Group, we walk you through the possibilities and design a LED solution that produces your desired results.

Our approach to LED retrofits is manufacturer product neutral. Our objective is to provide the best solution using thoroughly tested, highly reliable, energy efficient and cost-effective products. Our “Turn-Key” capability to LED Lighting upgrades utilizes the expertise of multiple partners to support our customers’ complex product, installation and incentive objectives.

We understand the time, money, and resources needed to completed an LED Retrofit. Our goal is to keep your business running while upgrading your lighting systems and completing your project on-time and within budget. With over 20,000 successful lighting retrofits completed, Action Services Group is the nations first choice for a Turn-Key LED Retrofit.

The first question you should ask yourself: Is an LED Retrofit right for my business?

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Understanding LED Lifespan in the LED Education Center

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Understanding LED Lifespan

LED lighting has numerous benefits for its users, everything from: improved lighting performance, decreased energy costs, and lowered maintenance expenses. Additionally, LED lights have a significantly longer lifespan than their more traditional counterparts. However, one of the things happening in the market is that misinformation is spreading about LED lifespans. A recent report published by the department of energy, found lifetime claims for more than half of LED products to be inaccurate.

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Retrofit Your Lighting Problems

We understand the lighting problems facing organizations today. With an endless supply of interior and exterior lighting options, the decisions in front of you can seem endless. But your lighting problems have solutions. Find your challenge below and learn how an LED Retrofit could be your solution.

The Challenge: A national big box home furnishing chain needed a turn-key solution to increase their largest domestic warehouse/distribution centers light levels from 70 LUX to 200 LUX and they wanted an LED solution.

The Solution: Action Services Group, working with the Customer and its LED strategic partner Stouch Lighting, selected and installed a high bay LED fixture, equipped with occupancy sensors that would not only achieve the required lighting results but considering the large increase in LUX levels reduce their energy costs and eliminate their high maintenance costs. The

Results: An average LUX reading of 252 exceeding the customer’s expectation, a decrease of 22% in energy costs and we eliminated their exorbitant maintenance costs.

The Challenge: A regional banking group needed a turn-key solution to reduce both energy and maintenance costs while improving the security profile of their parking garage. The

Solution: Action Services Group recommended, and installed a LED parking garage product that provided the highest light levels to address their security concerns and also the greatest energy savings.

The Results: A 61% reduction in energy resulting in annual energy savings of $32,990 and only a 10 month ROI.

The Challenge: A 162 unit supermarket chain wanted to replace linear fluorescent refrigerated lighting display cases to improve the lighting displayed on the product and increase their energy efficiency.

The Solution: Action Services Group recommended an LED linear fixture display. It was a simple retrofit and considerably improved the lighting on the product for it to look fresher. The

Results: We provided a total turnkey project for a complete retrofit of the refrigerated display cases that included providing the product, installation and managing the rebate process. This project was able to return a 31-month ROI, a 71% reduction in energy consumption with the customer receiving an average of $15,217.00 in rebate money per location.


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