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On-Demand Service

Repair or replace interior and exterior lighting components as requested. On-Demand services are available within 72 hours with emergency services available within 4 hours.

Scheduled Service

Tailored to fit any budget with adjustable time-frames (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual) our scheduled lighting service will keep your lights on all year round.

Lighting Upgrades

We provide “Turn-Key” LED Lighting upgrades, utilizing the expertise of multiple partners we can support our customers’ complex product, installation and incentive objectives.
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Our Lighting Solutions

Our On-Demand, lighting service for both interior and exterior, is available within 72 hours of your request, but in an emergency, lighting personnel will be at your facility within 4 hours. Our lighting technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to service all your interior and exterior lighting needs.

Our Scheduled Service can be tailored to fit any budget, and any time-frame (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual). Our lighting technicians will visit your facilities replacing all interior and/or exterior failed lamps and ballasts. Over a 20+ year period, we have developed one of the largest databases of experienced lighting technicians who have a full range of service vehicles capable of servicing a wide range of both interior and exterior lighting fixtures.

We take end to end responsibility for managing and implementing our customers’ lighting upgrade projects. We are experienced in managing large scale upgrades locally, regionally, and nationally with proven methodologies and organizational structure with an experienced Project Management Team to ensure success.
Parking Lot and Area Lighting, Where Illumination Makes A Difference-4

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Parking Lot and Area Lighting, Where Illumination Makes A Difference

As business owners and facility managers, it is one of our jobs to make sure our customers and staff are safe while shopping, eating, or visiting our establishments, but an often-overlooked area can bring significant liability to our organizations. Assault, robbery, rape, and even murder are a few of the rampant occurrences plaguing parking lots across the U.S. They have low lighting, shadowy expanses, and distractions, that make for a tempting invitation for criminals.

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Tailored Lighting Solutions

We understand the lighting problems facing organizations today. With an endless supply of interior and exterior lighting options, the decisions in front of you can seem endless. But your lighting problems have solutions; no situation is the same, that is why all of our solutions are tailored to the customer.
The Challenge: A regional supermarket chain needed an interior lighting maintenance program that would reduce their annual lighting maintenance costs, ensure their lighting was operational, as well as take the lighting responsibility away from the store management team.

The Solution: To provide a scheduled visit to each store for a fixed monthly fee where all labor and material were inclusive of that fee. Recognize the need to capture all of the lighting component data in our service management platform – ServicePoint Solutions

The Results: Lighting serviced every month minimizing outages. Management is relieved of the responsibility to find and follow-up with vendors. The same technician services the lighting at each location, developing a cooperative relationship with the store management team. The ability to capture a consolidated picture by entering this data into ServicePoint Solutions allows us to offer alternative products, energy efficient upgrades, and improved pricing through manufacturer’s purchasing agreements.
The Challenge: A managed real estate company’s commercial storage depot division, needed a solution to both reduce energy costs and improve exterior light levels for one of their facilities.

The Solution: Action Services Group, working with the Customer, selected and installed 70W LED wall packs that increased lighting and security while eliminating maintenance costs.

The Results: A five-year elimination of maintenance costs, a safer and better-lit environment, and an average annual energy reduction of 74%.
The Challenge: A national specialty retailer of pet food, supplies, and services operating 1,100+ stores, needed to present a consistent brand image in its stores and to reduce both the number and costs associated with lighting maintenance service calls.

The Solution: Action Services Group, working with the Customer, executed a re-lamp program as a way to minimize future service calls by replacing all lamps and inspecting all ballasts in the store; replacing those ballast that had failed or were within an end-of-life guideline.

The Results: By re-lamping all of the lights at one time it minimizes the inconvenience of multiple service calls, reduces annual lighting costs because there are not multiple trip charges for the lighting repairs. It also enables volume purchasing because the lights are purchased in a larger amount, and the project becomes a capital expense.


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