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Lighting-as-a-Service Benefits


New Lighting

Repair or replace interior and exterior lighting components as requested. On-Demand services are available within 72 hours with emergency services available within 4 hours.
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No Out of Pocket Expense

Tailored to fit any budget with adjustable time-frames (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual) our scheduled lighting service will keep your lights on all year round.


We provide “Turn-Key” LED Lighting upgrades, utilizing the expertise of multiple partners we can support our customers’ complex product, installation and incentive objectives.
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Our Lighting-as-a-Service Solution

Lighting-as-a-service is a new way to manage your facilities lighting. Instead of a substantial upfront cost for lighting, this new program allows you to pay a monthly OpEx payment that covers your: installation, repairs, monitoring, and ongoing service. In addition, we ensure that the technology works through the entire contract term.
How does the technology subscription reduce my costs?

Lighting-as-a-Service or LaaS gives you access to the latest and greatest lighting equipment without the upfront cost. LaaS is an all-inclusive subscription-based pricing model designed to allow any organization the option of upgrading to LED lighting. Instead of an up-front capital investment, you can turn the investment into an operating expense for your organization.

During your subscription, you will see substantial energy and maintenance savings.

How Much Can You Save on Energy? 

How Much Can You Save on Maintenance?

Only a portion of these savings would be utilized for your monthly subscription fee.

LaaS is an effective way to receive the advantages of a lighting upgrade while making it cash-flow positive from the start.  



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