Protecting your Employees and Customers

Portable Plexiglass Shields and Sneeze Guards at Cash Registers

Turn-Key Solution for Installed or Portable Plexiglass Shields

As more and more retailers look for a way to help stop the spread of Covid-19 while supplying the country with life-sustaining services, we are seeing a basic shift in how they do business. These plexiglass shields are aimed at promoting physical distancing that health care professionals have deemed vital to limiting the spread of Covid-19, while also offer protection to workers and customers.

Here at Action Services Group, our goal is to offer our clients the assistance they need to protect themselves as well as their customers. With our database of over 2,700 resource partners, we have the necessary personnel nationwide to assist with the installation of plexiglass shields or sneeze guards and other protective measures. Visit our online shop.

100% Turn-Key Installation

100% Turn-Key Installation

Resource Partners Nationwide

Resource Partners Nationwide

Dedicated Project Managers

Dedicated Project Managers

Plexiglass Shields and Sneeze Guard Information

With our resource partners and project managers, we can safely and swiftly install these potentially life-saving shields for All of an organization’s locations nationwide. We have dedicated resource partners in every state across the U.S. and are ready and willing to help do our part to keep you, your staff, and customers safe.

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Portable Sneeze Guards: Our portable sneeze guards provide a faster and more cost-effective solution. No installation is required, and these portable sneeze guards can be assembled by one person and are easily manageable.

Ships within 3-5 business days – subject to change based on quantity

For orders of 50 sneeze guards or more, bulk rates are available.

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Plexiglass Shields - Portable

Plexiglass Shield Specifications

  • Made of clear acrylic
  • Thickness: .187″
  • Portable Free-Standing Shield – No installation necessary
  • Over 20 sizes available
  • Ships within 3-5 business days – subject to change based on quantity
  • Bulk Rate Available

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Plexiglass Shields - Portable

Installed Sneeze Guards

Semi-permanent Sneeze Guards: Our process was designed to minimize the hardware needed for installation. As you can see from the images to your right, we can provide multiple mounting options to fit your needs.

Our turn-key process offers a fast and worry-free installation of your plexiglass shield.

Plexiglass Shield Specification

  • Thickness: .187″ or .25″
  • Multiple mounting options available
  • Sizes Avaliable:  4’H x 3’W & 4’H x 4’W

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Installed Sneeze Guards

A Happy Sneeze Guard Customer!

Testimonial from Fruitland Park Library

We received our order!  The sneeze guards came 2 to a box and very well packaged.  The package it arrived in, did not have any damage to it.  In fact, the barrier was under bubble wrap and had corner protectors on it.   Also, I must say, the pictures on the web site does not do this product justice!  I have attached a picture of Lisa standing behind one, at our Circulation Desk.  The guard is so clear that you don’t even know it’s there.  I have recommended this product to our other 15 libraries in our county.

Once again, thank you!

Jo-Ann Glendinning – Library Director

A Happy Sneeze Guard Customer!

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How to Assemble Portable Sneeze Guard

Major Grocery Brands are Installing Protection for Their Employees and Customers

Protecting Cashiers: Installing Plexiglass Shields and Sneeze Guards at Cash Registers

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