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Halo Air Purification

Halo Air Purification

The Halo air purification system offers cutting-edge air filtering technology that captures and traps viruses, bacteria, allergens, and all dust particles at the source. You Can Breathe!

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Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards

Our portable sneeze guards provide a faster and more cost-effective solution. No installation is required, and these portable sneeze guards can be assembled by one person.

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Cubicle Extenders

Cubicle Extenders

Our cubical wall and panel extenders fit on top of your existing panels to provide additional social distancing protection. They also enhance worker privacy and productivity.

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Freestanding Partitions

Freestanding Partitions

Our plexiglass freestanding mobile partitions are designed to enhance social distancing measures without reducing your facility’s capacity or detract from an open space concept.

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Safety Products and Solutions

The coronavirus turned into a global crisis and evolved at unprecedented speed and scale. It created a universal imperative for governments and organizations to take immediate action to protect their people. It has changed human attitudes and behaviors and forcing organizations to respond. However, the need to respond won’t end when the virus’s threat eventually recedes.

The coronavirus has forever changed the experience of being a customer, an employee, a citizen, and a human.

We are seeing a major shift in people’s behavior and expectations that organizations have to take into consideration to remain in good standing with their customers, employees, and the public.

Every Business is a Health Business – See Safe

“I have to look after my (and my family’s) health as a priority.” – Global Sentiment

People have concluded that they cannot rely on old non-visible health and safety structures. They want to See that they are Safe (See Safe). What does this mean? Consumers, as well as employees, want to walk into a building and See that an organization takes their health seriously and that they are Safe working, shopping, eating, or visiting an establishment. Be it, sneeze guards providing additional safety barriers or a Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk that greets them as they enter a location, people want to SEE the Safety.

Health-related features are becoming must-haves.

A Permanent Change to Expectations

“I want to See companies doing the right thing.” – Global Sentiment

On average, it takes 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic and a permanent habit to form. We are well past 66 days into our New Normal. With that said, as organizations reopen, people entering a facility are looking to see if they are going to be safe. This is not going to stop when the vaccine is fully distributed.

To set this into perspective, think of how security enhancements and flyer expectations changed after 9/11. Before that fateful day, only 5 percent of checked baggage was screened, whereas now 100 percent are screen for dangerous substances and materials. Just imagine you are moving through airport security and realize that people in front of you are not having their carry-ons screened by security. What happens? In today’s world, everyone in line would be in a full-blown panic. Before 9/11, would you even have noticed? This is the same perception/expectation change we are seeing in regards to workplace safety products and protecting our customers, employees, and visitors.

People want to feel and see that an organization is taking their physical safety seriously and have made it a priority – this is NOW a habit. 

Providing a Comprehensive Umbrella of Protection

How much is the confidence of your employees, customers, and visitors’ worth? – The New Global Question

You now have a comprehensive umbrella of protection available to you with Action Services Group. This umbrella of protection will remain with you as we conquer the coronavirus and move forward, be it from a new virus, the flu, or even the common cold. If nothing else the coronavirus pandemic has taught us we need to be better prepared.

If we use a large corporate office building as an example, the umbrella of protection would start as someone entered the building.

  1. Safe Scan Temperature Check Kiosk – With our temperature check kiosk located at the entrance of a building, anyone entering will instantly get a feeling of safety. Depending upon the kiosk, up to 10 people can be scanned at a time. Their temperatures will be verified and a mask check can be performed at the same time. Additional information for this product is available upon request.
  2. Sneeze Guards – As people move through the building and pass or stop at the front desk, the employee and anyone stopping will be offered additional protection by the sneeze guards.
  3. Cubicle Extenders – For those employees working in low-walled cubicles, the addition of cubicle extenders will assist in stopping the spread of close-quartered aerosol containments.
  4. Mobile Partitions – For areas that need additional separation where social distancing is not available, mobile partitions can be recommended. Additional information for this product is available upon request.
  5. Halo Air Filtration – With our Halo air filtration units, your can now rest easy that any aerosol contaminants will be vacuumed above breathing levels and filtered from the building’s breathable air.

With these safety products, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you are providing your employees, visitors, and customers with the protection needed to keep everyone safe! The Action Services Group safety specialists are available to assist you in selecting the best solutions for your organization.

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