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Over a 20+ year period, we have developed one of the most extensive databases of experienced technicians with a full range of service vehicles capable of servicing; Fluorescent, Neon, LED signage from heights ranging from 8’ to 100+’. Our sign personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to service all your interior and exterior signage needs.

On-Demand, illuminated building and freestanding sign service is available within 72 hours of your service request, but in an emergency, our sign personnel will be at your facility within 4 hours. LED lighting is the state of the art of energy efficient lighting. Our “Turn-Key” approach to LED Signage upgrades utilizes the expertise of multiple partners to support our customers’ complex product and installation objectives.

Scheduled Service ensure your signs are inspected, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. We also perform scheduled after-dark inspections of your exterior signs to identify outages and schedule service. We understand your signs promote your brand, and our scheduled service confirms your signs are always lit.

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Signage - On Demand Versus Scheduled Maintenance 

For business owners and facilities managers, maintaining storefront signage is an important part of the job. Your signage is a significant part of your brand identity, and it’s how both customers and prospects identify your location. Maintaining this signage can become a challenge with all the other tasks associated with running a business. For instance, we’ve all seen the stores that have one letter burnt-out of the sign. Besides looking unprofessional, it really detracts from the customer's perception of the space and your business in general. 

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Tailored Signage Solutions

We understand the signage problems facing organizations today.Many organizations think that once their signage is in place, they no longer need to worry about it. But even signage needs to be maintained and depending on how old your signage is, it may need to be retrofit or removed for an updated version. No matter your signage problem, we have a solution. Find your challenge below and learn what has worked for others in your situation.

The Challenge: A national quick service restaurant with 900+ locations required an exterior signage and lighting maintenance program that would reduce their annual exterior maintenance costs and ensure the brand signage and lighting were fully lit. They were using local vendors managed by the store managers and did not have any cost control. The

Solution: Action Services Group, working with the Customer, implemented a scheduled quarterly visit program for their exterior signage and lighting, sign and lighting data was compiled on the first maintenance visit and this information was entered into ServicePoint Solutions to ensure the technician would have the proper materials on-hand when servicing each scheduled visit.

The Results: We implemented a monthly fixed fee that controlled cost and allowed the stores to budget their sign and lighting expense. We incorporated using some of the existing vendors, a key aspect the Customer was excited to be able to be done. The program resulted in a 12% decrease in their annual sign and lighting expense while ensuring their brand sign and lighting was more consistently illuminated.

The Challenge: A national big-box retail chain required a scheduled maintenance program for their building and pylon signage. They had a diverse mix of size and heights in the signage.

The Solution: Action Services Group, working with the Customer, implemented a scheduled quarterly visit program, assigning locally based technicians with the correct equipment to service 40+’ pylon signs, large store signage, and parking lot lighting. During the first maintenance visit sign data was compiled and this information was entered into ServicePoint Solutions to ensure the technician would have the proper materials on-hand when servicing the sign during the next scheduled visit.

The Results: A quarterly scheduled visit program, and assigning the necessary locally based resources that would be able to service the wide variety of different size and height signage and lighting.

For organizations that have indoor or outdoor signage, there is a constant need to service that signage. The question becomes what is the best way to outsource that work to a national sign service company. Today, we will look at both the logistical and business reasons to select a national sign service company.

If you have retail, professional or commercial space that your customers come to, you will inevitably need to service the signage in your facility. These maintenance items, unlike routine service, are more mission critical and need to be addressed quickly and efficiently. If your signage fails this reflects poorly on your organization and can hinder customers for entering your facility and doing business with your organization.

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