W.W. Grainger Enlists Action Services Group in Interior LED Retrofit Project

Action Services Group, a national leader in lighting, electrical, LED retrofits, and workplace safety products including UV lighting is pleased to announce the completion of the first round of interior LED retrofit projects for W.W. Grainger.

In late 2019, W.W. Grainger, a Fortune 500 industrial supply company, started the first round of interior LED retrofits of their approximately 598 branches and 33 distribution centers. W.W. Grainger enlisted the services of Action Services Group to roll out the installation of their new LED lighting products and control systems.

As a national LED retrofit company, specializing in large turn-key lighting rollouts, Action Services Group had the resource partners necessary to complete the first round of retrofits in 12 working days per location. The Action Services Group project management team working in conjunction with the local store managers, produced a schedule that allowed the stores to remain fully operational while providing a full LED retrofit for their locations.

Each individual store participating in the first round of interior LED retrofits had the old fluorescent troffer lighting in their showroom, office space, restrooms, and warehouse removed and disposed of. Preselected LED’s were then installed with a fully integrated lighting control system. Action Services Group then provided training for the local store staff on the use of the lighting control system.

“While managed the rebate process, we estimated an average energy savings of 38% for these W.W. Grainger locations,” said Ted Stouch, President and Founder of Action Services Group. “With the addition of the EPAct 179D tax incentives we are seeing many organizations taking this step towards greener facilities.”

About Action Services Group

Action Services Group is a national service provider offering a single point of contact for all your lighting, electrical, LED retrofit, and UV lighting needs. Founded in 1991, and headquartered in Aston PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, we believe the key to our success begins with applying a knowledge and team-based approach; the value we place on each customer and the accountability we put on everyone in our organization.

About W.W. Grainger

W. Grainger, Inc. is an American Fortune 500industrial supply company founded in 1927 in Chicago by William W. (Bill) Grainger. He founded the company in order to provide consumers with access to a consistent supply of motors. The company now serves more than 3 million customers worldwide with offerings such as motors, lighting, material handling, fasteners, plumbing, tools, and safety supplies, along with inventory management services and technical support. Revenue is generally from business-to-business sales rather than retail sales. Grainger serves its over 3 million customers through a network of approximately 598 branches, online channels (such as Grainger.com, KeepStock, and eProcurement), and 33 distribution centers.

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