How To Build  Cubicle Extenders

With workplace safety becoming more and more important with the Covid-19 pandemic still being a major concern, it is important to add as many workplace safety products you might need. Here you will learn about how to assemble our cubicle extenders.

Unpacking Your Extender

When you unpack your cubicle extender panel, you will need to take the paper covering off. The best way to do so is to take something round and peel the corner up and slowly peel the rest off. 

Step 1

The hardware will come in plastic bags and will include the 4 parts that make the bracket, the two long screws, the two smaller screws, 4 washers, and an allen wrench. 


Take the two bottom parts of the bracket, the two long screws, and two washers. Put the two bottom parts of the bracket together and screw them into place using the allen wrench. Make sure not to tighten them all the way so you can tighten them to the wall of the cubicle later. 



The top parts of the brackets have a lip at the bottom. You have to make sure they are lined up and aren't overlapping.  This is important for when you add the actual extender later on.


When screwing the top part on, you want to take the two smaller screws, the other two washers, and the top parts of the brackets. Make sure to line up with the bottom parts and add the screws in with the allen wrench. You should have three brackets per extender. Do not screw the top part in all the way as you will need to tighten them to hold the extender in place later.

Placing Brackets

Once the brackets are assembled, place them on the wall of your cubicle. You will need 3 per extender and you will want to make sure to have them evenly spaced on the wall of your cubicle. 

Tightening Bracket

After to place the brackets where you want, you will want to tighten the bottom part of the brackets to the cubicle wall. You can either use the allen wrench provided or a drill with the proper drill head. 

Placing The Extender

Once the brackets are securely in place, you can put your extender panel in place. Make sure to keep it above the lip of the bracket so it sit in place properly.

Tighten Bracket

After you put the extender panel in place, you can now move on and tighten the top part of the brackets. This insure that the panel is secure and will remain in place. You can use the allen wrench or the drill again for this part. 

After it is all set up and ready, the cubicle extender will be ready to help protect you and your employees!