Healthcare Facilities Have Positive Response to Lighting Controls

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A Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) survey indicates medical employees are looking for increased control over lighting in their healthcare facilities to improve performance and patient comfort.

The survey compares four hospitals with various types of lighting controls and fixtures, and here is what medical and surgical nursing staff reported.


Comparing Lighting in Hospitals

The PNNL includes three open-ended questions focusing on how the lighting in hospitals affects healthcare staff and patients. The goal of the study is to help healthcare facilities design a lighting system that benefits everyone.

To accurately compare the different types of lighting in hospitals, survey participants focus on the following three questions

  1. What is the best aspect of lighting in a standard patient room?
  2. Are there any changes to the current lighting that will benefit your work or positively affect your performance on the job?
  3. Are there any changes to the current lighting that will help patients feel more comfortable during their visit or stay?

Healthcare workers’ responses to the questions have a common theme. They are looking to have more control over the lighting. Staff also mentions the need for adequate daylighting, preferably through skylights and windows.

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Improving Healthcare Lighting

The survey indicates installing lighting controls can help medical staff boost their performance and improve their experiences at work. The nursing staff is looking for controls that can increase or decrease the light’s brightness in patient rooms as necessary.

Lighting controls can also improve the patient’s experience in the room. Controls can dim the lights to a comfortable level or adjust the brightness to perform specific tasks. Researchers associated with the survey note a sub-category healthcare workers mention is the placement of the lighting controls. To ensure easy access for patients, medical staff recommend installing controls on the bedrail.

Lighting Controls in Healthcare Facilities

This is only a brief look at one part of the PNNL study, but it effectively highlights the desire of medical staff to have lighting controls in patients’ rooms.

Manufacturers of solid-state lighting (SSL) and LEDs will want to take a look at the respondents’ answers. Not only is lighting controls a key part of the responses, but colored lights and white-light tunability are also mentioned.

To learn more about how lighting controls can enhance the environment in healthcare facilities, contact us today, by calling 610-558-9773, emailing, or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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